Miritec.CRM - Customer Relationship Management System, CRM-system. It is an information system for your enterprise that helps in business processes automation. Miritec CRM main objectives is acceleration of your business processes and drawing in the customers.


Miritec.E-commerce Platform is a platform that will help you organize and develop online sales channel. If you want to sell online, you need to fully understand how to attract and retain customers as well as to provide a reasonable level of service and to organize the logistics. Only then you will be able to gain respect and recognition of your customers.


Miritec.Call-Center is a software system designed to fully automate the work of Call-Center (Contact-Center). Your Call-Center will promptly and efficiently receive, process, "filter" and "sort out" calls, inform customers and consumers about new products and services, conduct surveys, sales and questionnaires.


Miritec PBX is a real solution for virtual PBX with any set of features that are necessary for your business. Any your wish can be configured! By implementing Miritec PBX solution you will see all the benefits of digital telephony ranging from the cost of the call and ending the KPI and reporting on the calls average duration.


Miritec.CMS is a website Content Management System. Miritec.CMS software is web-based, which simplifies the work and reduce the time on making/ changing the content on your site. Using Miritec.CMS you get independence from technical specialists and you will be able to create your web page by yourself.


Miritec.DigitalKiosk is a software system; all digital solutions for touch screen kiosks are built on it. The software solution allows you to transform any touch kiosk into a virtual advisor or interactive advertising platform, which can in times enlarge the number of customers through its dynamic content.


Miritec.Intranet is much more convenient than similar solutions of specific tasks for individual applications. There is no need to install and administer Miritec.Intranet separately on each local computer; you just make the server settings. The system will allow you to easily solve management tasks, regardless of the location of company divisions.


Miritec.HelpDesk is a set of modules and functionalities, which will help in organizing technical support system in any enterprise. Implementation of Miritec.HelpDesk greatly affects your company’s technical support.

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