Virtual PBX can be organized both on your own servers (office or data center) and on the company Miritec servers.

Either software phones can be used as devices, you can make calls as well as use phone headsets connected to VoIP Gateway for SIP- channel to a virtual PBX or just ordinary telephones connected to a special adapter.

Functionality and Miritec.PBX tasks

  • All the functionality of a PBX (call hold, transfer, conference, parking, waiting on line, call pickup, the invasion into conversation, monitoring, etc.). With confidence we can say, absolutely all the functions are present!
  • Call Forwarding feature, under certain conditions e.g. busy signal, no answer, unconditional forwarding.
  • The search function for contacts: access to network-based private telephone book.
  • Create groups and subgroups, in accordance with the structure of the enterprise. We Install the following features for each group such as call interception, free line search.
  • You can assign a single number to every employee that enables to call him regardless of his real location.
  • Group profiles - for each group of numbers you can set the available options, as well as restrictions and regulations and routing outgoing calls (Toll Restrictions / Call Barring).
  • Personal profiles for each number (call forwarding on various conditions, setting disable / enable functions for call pickup, invasion, monitoring, etc.).
  • Roaming user profiles. Registered his phone number, the user takes advantage of the call control capabilities of its profile.
  • Virtual Phone Numbers. Using virtual numbers you can include in PBX phones from external networks, creating a virtual telephone network.
  • Call- Center Function. You can create groups, with the distribution of incoming calls on different algorithms. For each group such features like registration, queuing, call interception, and others are available.
  • The user's terminal Software. It includes soft phone and dashboard connections. The soft phone can support up to three telephone conferences simultaneously.
  • Ability to run the application for incoming calls, the answering machine, queuing, call history, address book and other functions.
  • Integration with databases and CRM systems. Information about the call can be selected from a variety of sources and transferred to the employee, as well as to an external application.
  • Interactive Voice System (IVR). Allows performing different scenarios of service calls. Each scenario corresponds to a separate PBX number. Calls can be forwarded from the IVR scenario to the station and back.
  • Facility to create automatic call scenarios, to send E-mail and SMS.
  • A set of additional modules including billing, call recording and conferencing.

Virtual Miritec PBX can solve all the problems of your office (offices) dealing with telephony and telephones!

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