Corporate intranet portals are designed to meet your direct the specific and focus on solving internal corporate tasks as well as communicating with customers, suppliers and partners. In other words, developing an intranet portal, you will be able to easily implement any management task - from documents to mass communication. Intranet portal can be used to distribute the tasks and better control employees work.

The goals we set for development of Miritec.Intranet

  • Corporate information management, knowledge retention

    Publication of telephone directories, common layouts, access rights documents, information about employees and the company, making up a shared storage of documents with common classifiers, editing files, a facility of repository as a Windows network drive search for documents attached taking into account morphology, integration with Microsoft Office, Open Office.
  • Coordinating joint work of employees

    The establishment of working groups and communications within them, the allocation of rights of shared documents access, shared work with files, version control of documents.
  • Work with the unified events calendars

    Facility to conduct some personal calendars, group events calendars. Easy coordination of activities. Facility of charting lack of staff.
  • Automated functions of HR department

    Integration with "1C: Payroll and Personnel Management», auto charting lack of staff (vacations, sick leaves, business trips), rapid adaptation of new employees.
  • Training and testing personnel

    Conduct online training courses, testing and certification of employees.
  • Improve the efficiency of business processes

    Advanced electronic applications feeder – omissions, express delivery, stationery, meeting rooms booking, organization of meetings, schedule couriers / drivers / meeting rooms.
  • Social networks and instant messaging

    Ability to communicate with employees using instant messaging system built into an intranet portal and save the log messages. Adding private pages with blogs, forums, photo galleries, etc. to the groups.
  • Flexible integration into the existing IT infrastructure

    The integration with corporate network (network drives and Web drives); open export - import data protocols (XML, Commerce ML, CSV, Excel, RSS), etc. Integration with call- center, service desk, etc.

Advantages and benefits of Miritec.Intranet introduction

Miritec company provides a suite of solutions for the corporate intranet portal platform based Miritec.Intranet. Implementing it you will get the following number of benefits .

  • saving time of employees
  • reducing operation time
  • reducing decision-making time
  • savings from the accumulated knowledge reuse
  • reducing the cost of communication with remote departments of the company
  • exchange of knowledge within the company and as a result improving employees productivity
  • reducing the cost of communication and exchange of information with partners
  • saving on the cost of licenses compared to working through a client-server applications
  • lower cost for information security
  • lower cost of maintenance systems

We offer you a great tool that enables company management and employees to access to various information sources and systems, separately developed in the company. Portal is a good tool to accumulate all previously created data and give it a proper and complete application, understand its advantages and disadvantages, and to simplify the work of employees by working with an enterprise application, but not a dozen disparate information systems and information sources.

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