Support system implementation (Helpdesk system) brings technical support of your customers to a new level at the lowest cost possible.

There are several models of the Helpdesk service, e.g.: centralized, local, virtual - a single call center, email-addressed ones etc. This service can be arranged to be directed at the external customers (computer maintenance outsourcing and the like) as well as internal (IT departments in large enterprises).

This solution allows you to organize a closed cycle of IT services management, helping technical support service to grow into IT organization while providing guaranteed high quality and high level of services. Miritec.HelpDesk platform easily solves management of problems, incidents, configurations and other tasks of support processes automation.

The tasks Miritec.HelpDesk system can help you perform

  • application registration and further support
  • application feedbacks to provide contact with the customer ( phone , email, web)
  • informing customers about the current status of the application and its processing
  • performing an initial assessment of the application, an attempt to solve it, or forwarding to someone who can solve it
  • monitoring the current status of the services provided
  • Management of Application Lifecycle
  • Troubleshooting
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • unlimited number of users
  • advanced system analysis, reports and statistics with self-adding or modifying the existing reports

Miritec.HelpDesk will help in creation of a fully automated process, which includes the entire cycle: from the reception and registration of the application, the classification of applications, its transfer to the next line of support, monitoring of the solutions of this problem, feedback and reporting. Different levels of support clearly define the full range of services, defining the recovery rate of failure, considering speed of response, time to restore functionality, the frequency of troubleshooting. Full automation for each client shows service levels and time frame in which they are provided. The software allows the operator to register the call, immediately evaluate the incident and issue a prompt solution of the problem announced. Besides via customers can contact the Helpdesk via both via phone call and email, website.

Miritec is ready to implement Miritec Helpdesk system ( using Miritec.HelpDesk platform) into information environment of any business as well as integrate Helpdesk with Call-Center & CRM

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