Miritec.DigitalKiosk - a software solution that may provide a range of professional marketing services and establish a new market for the promotion and marketing of your goods.

Miritec.DigitalKiosk can solve following problems

  • to expand the range in the marketplace by placing new products in the touch screen kiosk catalog
  • to minimize the cost of printed materials
  • information services 24/7
  • to focus the staff work on direct sales of goods
  • to collect various statistics
  • to have easy interactive navigation in commercial facilities
  • to create an advertizing network to promote the services and goods
  • to create interactive menu for cafes, restaurants, etc.
  • "electronic queues on line"
  • the ability to integrate into variety of databases and merge them into a single network

On the basis of the Miritec.DigitalKiosk program complex, you can build an information kiosks network and manage it from a single center, even in the context the entire country.

Miritec in figures

more than

million of accounts are activated in systems designed by Miritec