Goals and objectives of Miritec.CMS are management, content and editing information on your Web site. In other words, Miritec.CMS will automate the work on your site content. You will be able to fill the content of the site on your own, add categories, manage users and configure the output data.

All this will reduce the dependence of the site value on the information posted. Miritec.CMS Content Management System allows you to post online any amount of information.

Miritec.CMS will help you

  • manage the site structure
  • edit text and graphics
  • publish news
  • create new pages and sections
  • assign roles to CMS administrators
  • collect email addresses for mailing
  • and much more

The advantage dynamic sites can give us is to separate design from content, allowing you to automate document management, business processes, mechanisms of personalization. Moreover, the content management system allows you to easily and fast manage the content of a website that the commercial benefits of its use become rather significant.

Content Management System significantly increases the materials update rate. That is, the time it takes the material to be published on the site after the site owner found it is minimal. Thus the process of preparing data for publication in the CMS is unusually simple (not more difficult than a MS Word document creation).

Miritec company develops any complexity websites on the basis of our content management system that allows our clients to update their own web sites and carry out work related to the modification of the whole site.

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