We have developed a software package that allows you to install telephone service all over the office and Call-Center based on VoIP technology. We developed flexible software for full service Call-Center automation.

We will connect you to VoIP provider; we help you choose the phone number and configuration of associated equipment. We are ready to implement any functionality that will make your Call-Center most effective and the easiest to use.

Functions and tasks of Miritec.Call-Center

  • Inform the Customer when putting in hold for service about the time he will have to wait to be connected to the operator. Statistics shows that customers, who receive this kind of information, wait twice as long as those who haven’t been told. As a result the number of unserved calls (failures) is minimized.
  • Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) automates routine procedures, which previously took a lotof time (e.g. you can provide reference information about the company or the client’s current account, etc.). According to statistics, the percentage of calls handled by the IVR may reach 65-70 % of the total number of calls. It can free a huge amount of human resources, to solve more complex problems.
  • Miritec.Call-Center interactive features can route the call directly to the operator, which can answer it the best way. This helps to avoid the call transfer from operator to to operator, "freezing" it in several queues, etc. So the time of both clients and Call-Center staff can be saved.
  • Operators discipline is also increased as their work can be tracked in real time, as well as thanks to provided detailed statistics of their work for a certain period of time (day, week, etc.) Moreover, there is a number of features that automatically inform the board administrator about operator’s illegal actions such as being late from a break, not answering the call or if it takes him too long to serve the call, etc.
  • When operator receives information about the customer (and possibly the reason for the call) at the same time with the call he can significantly shorten the time to service each call, thereby increasing the number of calls served during a work shift.
  • There’s a large number of detailed statistical information describing the work of the operator or group of operators and functioning capacity of the Call-Center as a whole. Reporting is a tool that will help you make the right conclusions about the quality of customer service and the Call-Center work.

It is important to understand that the Call-Center is a “living organism", changing and evolving with the development of your business and your company. An essential tool is to estimate the efficiency of Call-Center and the return from investments in it. Using the Miritec.Call-Center solution you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of investments and you will be satisfied with the work of your Call-Center.

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