IT consulting, Projects Management

Professional support and consulting will be provided in building of the information structure of your company. The main objective which we pursue in consulting is acceleration of business processes and, as a consequence, of business results, as well as cost-effective prices on IT at all levels of the enterprise management.

Security Audit

We can conduct complete and comprehensive audit of security of software and hardware platform, information system, a separate project or an entire IT infrastructure of the company. Our specialists can carry out a number of penetration tests to find vulnerabilities. These tests neither affect the integrity of the project or business, nor cause any harm.

Site Design and Software Development

We are the team of professional programmers ready to be challenged. We offer a full range of services for the development of Web applications and their services. We design functional and effective solutions based on modern technologies. We will make each and every of your projects come true and we will spare no effort to make your business successful.

Optimization for High Loads

We repeatedly performed the analysis and optimization of systems, websites, software, and now we know the answers to such questions "... there are more users now and the site slows down, what can be done in this case?" or "we have developed and tested the site without loads, and launched as a live - it has become slow, how to fix it ?" The only answer is: the performance of your system under high loads should be optimized.

Financial Services Software

In a highly regulated and competitive market, banks need every advantage to exceed customer expectations and differentiate. It is no longer enough to offer simple and automated Banking services. In order to build loyalty and drive profitability, banks will need to offer a non-stop interactive Banking environment. To achieve this, banks need to increase their business agility by anticipating customer needs and offer an engaging user experience.

Marketing Digital Agency

We Like and we are Passionate about digital marketing. We know a lot about it and we are able to do a great deal in digital, we offer our customers solutions that always meet their business needs, keep up with modern technologies and are always filled with "Wow!- effects”. We can take over both a separate component, and turnkey project conducting! For other details, see our portfolio!

Social media marketing

We are a team of professionals in the field of SMM. We develop efficient ways and strategies for reputation management online. We are creative SMM pros well aware of your target audience concerns and we know how to draw it! We undertake SMM promotion of any complexity and guarantee results!

Web Design

We are confident that the website design is one of the major elements of success. We will make every effort so that the design can be a reflection of your feelings and desires. We know that the design creates emotions that are essential to your customers, which in turn are so essential to your sustainable business growth and prosperity.

High Load Design

We have extensive experience in designing and developing projects to work under high loads. In order to ensure the stable operation of hardware and software (of your project) we use a package approach to both the code and to the server and network architecture under high loads.

Administration of Servers 24/7/365

We offer a full range of services for remote administration and monitoring of servers 24/7/365. We set up the server to have optimal performance, update the software on time, set up a backup system, load balancing, RAID, caching, firewall, etc. You will not need to maintain the state-paid system administrator.

Digital Signage

We offer a special hardware-software complex, and we build Digital Signage decisions based on it. We can create both advertising networks on industrial scale, and separate information monitors and information booths. We use progressive tools which will essentially simplify your work on advertising projects.

Web Hosting

We do not provide mass hosting services. However you can order a dedicated server for a specific project or transfer your information infrastructure to our dedicated server for security purposes. To build a dedicated server, we use only high-quality components from the world's leading manufacturers.

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