Social Media Marketing is company promotion in social networks, which is aimed at improving the object reputation (brand, project, product or service) online. Promotion in social networks helps build confidence and eventually leads to sales increase (or other benefit pursued by an advertising campaign).

We offer professional SMM promotion.
We guarantee the following results:

  • A professionally built community where it will be convenient to communicate for your existing and future customers;
  • Improving the image of the company ( brand, project, product or service);
  • Quality content;
  • Shares and contests management on SMM pages;
  • Integrating your website and other accounts with the social platforms;
  • Developing applications for social networks ( functionality, design , creative content );
  • Developing applications for mobile devices (iOS / Android);
  • Configuring and managing advertising campaigns for effective promotion in social networks;
  • Developing a corporate policy plan in social networks;
  • development of activity in the community;
  • Viral dissemination of information;
  • Direct dialogue with customers;
  • Formation of loyal audience;
  • Increasing credibility of existing and future customers;
  • organizing feedback from customers;
  • Getting new customers;
  • Correct and fast work with negativity;
  • Configuring and managing advertising campaigns to effectively promote your business and products;
  • Planning and Assessment of the advertising campaigns effectiveness;
  • Reporting on the results of SMM campaign.

How We Work ?

  • We analyze Your presence in social networks;
  • We define goals and objectives of the campaign to be achieved in social media;
  • We develop activity concept;
  • We determine the most profitable social grounds;
  • We create and fill community( group ) with content;
  • We promote community ( group );
  • We collect the necessary target audience;
  • We moderate and develop communities (groups );
  • We attract potential and loyal customers;
  • We provide the necessary analysis and reporting on the communities( groups ) conduct.

What Exactly We Are Doing?

  • Selection of social media;
  • Creating social platforms from scratch, upgrading existing sites ( "VKontakte" , Classmates , Facebook, Twitter);
  • Forming and increasing audiences;
  • Using Hidden branding;
  • Creating a regular flow of interesting information;
  • Providing permanent and live communication with the audience;
  • Viral marketing is " grapevine »;
  • targeted advertising;
  • Monitoring of the target audience interests;
  • monitoring reviews;
  • Monitoring competitors;
  • Working with negative;
  • Integration of social platforms with sites;
  • Organizing and conducting special events on the Internet: actions, contests, quizzes, games.

What Goals We Pursue?

  • To Increase Your brand awareness on the Internet;
  • To generate a loyal audience;
  • To improve your company's image;
  • To provide your influence on your customers opinion;
  • To attract new customers;
  • To provide you with a profitable competitive advantage.

Our Advantages

  • Individual development concept in social media , depending on your product and target audience;
  • Effective SMM promote tools providing maximum benefit for you;
  • Additional traffic channel to your site;
  • Eliminating negativity ; loyalty of your customers;
  • Monthly reports on the work done , as well as statistical data analysis on your social sites.

Today it does not matter who your target audience is either students or multibillionaires; they all sit on the Internet and they are ready to welcome you with open arms , you need only to make a step forward.

It is important to note that a step towards internet technologies becomes a huge leap in the development of your business , but only in case you use the services of professionals.

Do not risk your image, do not entrust your branding to either a secretary or an advertising department. Remember that to make a good impression is much easier than to fix already existing wrong one.

Skillful brand promotion on the Internet allows you to win on every front!

  • provides real competitive advantages;
  • It allows you to get fast feedbacks;
  • It provides an effective and powerful channel to combat negative;
  • It gives you the opportunity to influence public opinion;
  • It generates a loyal audience.

Regardless of what you are selling, your potential customers will look for alternatives on the Internet before they pay the order,.

We believe that whatever successful your business is, you would not like and cannot afford to lose hundreds of clients who just cannot find you online!

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