The site SA, the project SA, the information system SA

There is a huge number of successful attacks these days. The figures clearly demonstrate the systems and web resources vulnerability.

What are the consequences?

Unfortunately the consequences are often disastrous: passwords, email addresses, customer databases, software code - they all can be lost, reputation of the resource and the company spoiled and the loyalty of the audience also lost. The result of it Lost profits!

How to deal with it?

To perform a security audit of the project or the information system:

  • automatic code analysis
  • manual code analysis
  • server audit
  • data transmission channels security audit

We will check your system both outside and inside.

We will check your system both outside and inside.The results of our testing are the instructions and recommendations how to eliminate vulnerabilities. If necessary, we can independently perform all the improvements that are needed to eliminate your system security vulnerabilities.

If by any reason the access to the source code cannot be passed , we can provide the " black box" mode testing.

Company IT Security Audit

Safety and security of your company information systems is a complex and urgent issue that always deserves attention. It’s rather difficult to control the flow of information with the growth of the company and the development of its infrastructure. Constant adjustment of business processes, increasing number of information leakage , human factor are not a complete list of reasons that affect the company systems and IT infrastructure security, assuming both internal and external threats .

Regular audits maintain the security of your information at the appropriate level, monitor the security rules implementation and identify problems and threats in time.

In order to identify these problems Miritek has developed a list of services to audit your company information resources security.

What are the stages of the Audit ?

  • initiation of the audit procedures
  • information gathering
  • data analysis
  • development of recommendations
  • preparing an audit report
  • error correction (optional)

What is Our Job?

  • outside penetration tests (penetration tests)
  • internal information security audit
  • data channels security audit
  • server audit

What are our audit goals?

  • to analyze the company IT infrastructure security threats risks
  • to assess current level of security of information systems
  • to localize bottlenecks of information systems
  • to assess information security standards compliance
  • to suggest how to improve the security mechanisms
  • to develop security policies
  • to set goals for IT staff on information security
  • to train users and support staff on information security , etc.

The audit will identify external threats that affect company information systems. During the audit a survey of servers connected to the Internet is also made. The practical goal is to find and identify configuration errors and vulnerabilities, that can cause server penetration from the Internet and gain access to information.

Our security experts will conduct interviews with company executives, will study the information business processes, the structure of the information environment, access, operating rules and norms.

We will analyze and show you the real picture of the security of your business IT infrastructure against potential threats.

As a result, you get an effective assessment of all components of the IT infrastructure of the company!

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