Unfortunately such important processes like optimization for high loads and stress testing are not enough paid attention to. As a result, we are often applied for treatment and analysis of the existing system or a site like the following :

  • "... when developing, we didn’t consider the possible load and after launching, it started working too long!"
  • "... the starting half a year, everything was good, but now the system slows down; do we need an audit? "
  • "... now we have more users and the site is slow, what can we do?"

Our architects and system engineers have a good command of the systems design for operation under high loads. Programmers, in turn, have the technologies to make the system run under such loads.

We will carry out stress testing; will form a guide to solve the "problem" and "narrow" places. If necessary, we will run the program independently as well as software revision or administrative and support services.

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