All of our architects possess deep knowledge of the systems design for high loads design.

Developers, in turn, are operating technologies that are used to ensure that the system can withstand such loads and balance on their own.

In order to successfully cope with the high loads problem, we initially will design a scalable system.

We perform projects load testing

  • What happens if the data volumes will increase?
  • What is the maximum peak load on the system?
  • What critical points are there?
  • Where are the problem areas, and what affects the performance?
  • How will the system behave in crucial moments and what to do then?

The answers to the above questions will be got with the results of stress testing.

We will model a situation with the growing number of active users, we point out the critical values for your hardware system. We will assess the stability of the application, as well as point out the scale principles of your project.

We use the following technologies

  • caching
  • duplication
  • balancing
  • protection technology against various types of attacks
  • Monitoring and Backup

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