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Apr 2014
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“Club of Italian tourism”– is a Ukrainian travel company created under Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine. The client wanted more than just a beautiful website, he wanted a portal which would connect the Ukrainian and Italian business circles, taking into account that tour include one both for individuals and business ones.


We used a large number of high quality photos were used during design development – landscapes and Italian everyday life photos. At first glance the user on the website gets the main info – on how, where and for how much one can spend the vacation on Italy – on separate islands, in the evening Rome, in romantic Venice. When switching to Tour one can instantly see info on the program and tour structure, hotel and you can instantly book a tour.

The menu includes general categories:

  • MAIN with best offers;
  • ABOUT COMPANY – agency warranty and accreditation;
  • ABOUT ITALY – geography, climate, data needed on the county;
  • EMBASSY DOCUMENTS – Embassy of Italy is one of the most demanding ones. Thus the document preparation is an important part of the trip organization. There is a list for kids and for adults; also the category includes the list of documents need for the neighboring country – France.
  • CONTACTS are the list of info on working schedule of the travel agency, address and phone.

Also the site has integration with groups in social networks and subscription for mail out – so that one could also have the arm on the pulse of latest new on travelling and life on Italy.

When creating the CMS we applied the principle of “simplicity and ease of use”. The administrator can create new section for the menu and quickly and easily add new content.

The CMS includes the category Countries – each can be marked ad active or inactive.

Section Subscribers includes all the user who signed up to make out, the administrator can mark them as Agent, put in the list for special type of mail out (for example “Burning tours”, “News”).

On the main page one can see the current UAH to EUR currency rate, the data is easily changed in the CMS.

There is one more important element of the website – “Banners”. One has to fill in just 3 fields and the banner is displayed in the system, to display it on the website one just had to click on “Display” button.

There are also special options to change settings for administrator access rights.

Thus, we managed to easily simplify the website content management and to create a beautiful and useful website for those who want to go to Italy.
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