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Mar 2013
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In early 2012, an Alfa Forex department of large and stable Alpha Bank has decided to increase the number of clients of its electronic currency exchange. Our task was to update and enhance the platform of Alpha Forex website so that maximum of people would like to start or to carry on their personal way of enrichment on Alpha Forex.

Eight Miritec professionals are constantly working on this project. The team includes technical experts who have experience integrating web resources with platforms like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, ZuluTrade. As a result of 2013 has been reported a notable increase of customers flow: 10 times more users than it was less than a year ago. That was 3000 to 30000 of registered online traders.The beforementioned figures are also the result of bank marketing expenditures and high conversion rate means that user find the platform user-friendly and easy to understand.

Friendly user interface, an easy and intuitive navigation through a complex Forex market, the transparent and structured statistics — all these allow you to monitor fluctuations in the currency market and trade profitably. The site has versatile and easily customizable structure. Every user can adjust the seetings to manage vidgets and background themes of the site. Individual interface stays in the browser's memory. Also this web-resource is cross-browser and scalable for all types of gadgets and PC's. There is a keywords frases logging on this website, which allows to monitor what is being mostly searched and to improve the information feed on the website. With help of easy editors which have an access to the source code, an administrator can independently manage all of the site's content. A flexible rights setting tool allows to adjust an access for each administrator or for groups of administrators.

Effectively working system is also a prompt execution of customer's wishes. When Alpha Forex decided to introduce a fairly new and comprehensive algorithm on the market, the PAMM-account service, we have developed it from scratch and successfully integrated.

At the moment, we continue to cooperate with Alfa Forex regularly introducing innovations and promising solutions for the optimization of currency trading.

Conversion Results:

  • More than 40,000 users
  • More than 400 balance operations a day
  • More than 60,000 of trading accounts
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