Releasing date
Jan 2014
Travel Club
Focus area
Web-site address

Key task:

The main task was the development of eye- and interest catching, user-friendly website for a big travel operator.

Tasks set:

  • Easy tin use CMS (content management system) with broad functional part;
  • Development of eye-catching website with easy to use navigation system;
  • Full integration with Master Tour (software package for travel companies’operations automation.

  • CMS with broad functions:

    Tour Club cooperates with a large number of hotels and has a huge tour data base. Standard manual data processing takes too much time, especially when in the case the number of tours and hotels amounts to thousands.

    To solve the problem above we developed management system, which allowed the use of one action on multiple elements of the website. One can select “hotels”, “country” ,”area” and by clicking just once change the parameters, for example, to stop the displaying them on the website.

    As any big travel operator, Tour Club found it important to have full management of the banners on the website. We developed a functional part which allowed to put banner-content on the website quickly and to connect the banners in groups. This greatly simplifies content management process and allows displaying on the pages the info, which is to attract attention of the website visitors.

    Master Tour Integration:

    One of the important tasks we had was to integrate the system with program package Master Tour. Thanks to us , it is comfortable to use Master Tour right from the start - from the authorization. If the user had access to Master Tour (and Master Tour is used by majority of the travel agencies), the system authorization with Master tour is fully automatic. All of the Master Tour interface and navigation elements are styled to the website design. The data on hotels and tours is automatically taken from Master Tour system to the CMS of the website, where it can be edited by adding descriptions and images.

    Website Navigation:

    Usability and navigation were our priorities. For each and every travel agency and tourist the key is website country navigator. For this reason om the main page we placed the block with area, country selection and with some info on the selection – visa, climate, cities and resorts. And of course, tour hits and the most popular directions instantly attract attention. See for yourself on the website!

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