Releasing date
Jul 2015
Focus area
Digital Marketing
Web-site address

Core idea

Coca-Cola Ukraine joined the worldwide promotional campaign “Share a Coke” that has already embraced more than 80 countries. In Ukraine, it was launched under the title “Share Fun with Coca-Cola!”

The idea of this promotion is to provide an opportunity of having a personalized Coca-Cola can, carrying participant’s name or unique message instead of a company logo. In offline mode (retail and sales points), it is possible to find about 100 names typed on Coca-Cola cans.

What is more, one can also create a customized can in a graphic form, as well as share its image across the social networks.

Responsive web design

Promo mechanics

In online environments, the promotion is presented with a website enabling users to:

  • sign in via social networks, in particular, Facebook or Vkontakte;
  • use unlimited number of names and original messages in can design;
  • save its image on a hard drive;
  • share it in social networks – Facebook, Vkontakte and Instagram;
  • view photos and images, published with promotion hashtag #моякокакола, in the Gallery.


Miritec has accomplished a number of technical solutions, focused on functionality of the promotional website. They include:

  • eneration of can images with adaptive signature (font size and line break depends on a line width);
  • authorization via social networks, Facebook and Vkontakte;
  • development of the admin panel and its tools;
  • data caching;
  • extraction of images from social networks by a specified hashtag;
  • generation of statistic data in regard to users, uploaded images, email notifications;
  • data export/import in csv format;
  • email notifications.


Currently, the promotional campaign is still active, and the number of its participants on the website and in social networks grows steadily.

Miritec in figures

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thousands of SMS are sent by SMSMate customers monthly