Releasing date
Sep 2014
Focus area
Audit and optimization
Nowadays internet is one of the most effective channels for communication with consumers due to directly approaching and engaging the target audience in all kind of interactive mechanics.

In this case the RFID technology is the thing to choose. To put it simple RFID is Radio Frequency tagging, to make even simpler, those usually are the cards with chip that tags activity/location or whatever you like, your subway or bank card is RFID card.

However what if you want your promotion to be both online and offline?

First of all the RFID allows to create a whole communication event-based platform.

Secondly, cards create brand's strenghtening using engagement

Also this way you can still use your old communication channels bypassing the regulation (tobacco or alcohol brands should really scream HORRAY here cause they have more regulation than anyone). Also online and offline interactive communication with the users create a strong base of loyal consumers


We took on deck the role of technical partner for the party CHIVAS «THE ART OF HOSTING (Kazakhstan) making it modern and fun using the RFIP technology.

Several days before the event the guests received special invitation cards with RFIP chip.

Then the guests registered card numbers on the official page of Chivas Kazakhstan on Facebook. Those who missed the chance to do that before the party could do it on the spot at the party itself: all they had to do is to ask the hostess at the entrance to register their card. Guests had to give their Facebook account info or e-mail and the info got transferred to temporary database and got assigned to a certain card with RF (radio-frequency) tag.



Check in the party. Post was automatically published on the guest FB page with location and short info about the CHIVAS party.
Rate the cocktail at the bar using the card with automatic post on FB.
Snapshot using setup with fireplace and press-wall Chivas, choose the best photo and using the card published the branded photo and post about being at the party on FB. The photos appeared in real time.
Result exceeding expectation:
All photos were sent to special album with title: “The most awaited party of the Year - Chivas "Art of Hosting", took place at brand new Ball Room of Luxorious Hotel Ritz-Carlton at November XX, 20XX. Photo links were leading to Brand's page.
  • Cards (total) – 2000
  • Active cards – 1297
  • Entrance check in – post on FB – 1067
  • Bar check in – post in FB – 141
  • Photo check in – posts in album – 280.
The audience reach from the start of the event went up to 330 000 user on Facebook: friends of the guests and friends’ friends. That is half of all Facebook users in Kazakhstan.
Thus RFID-based mechanics allowed for creating the buzz which reached to the audience and raised brand confidence.
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