Releasing date
May 2013
Focus area
Digital Marketing
Web-site address


Ferrero SpA launched a new promo with characters from legendary cartoon the Simpsons. Miritec yet again was the technical partner, we had an important task of developing, supporting the website and providing promo launch online.

Target audience:

Kids and teens, age 8-16, which love TV-carton the Simpsons.

Promo mechanics:

During the promo participants could win one of the guaranteed prizes: stylish baseball caps or backpacks with cartoon characters prints. To participate one had to send 5 wrappers from promo products by Kinder with the Simpsons characters images.


6430 prizes – backpacks and baseball caps with characters from cartoon «The Simpsons»


The main characters of the website are the world-known family the Simpsons. We design was made in the same bright color scheme as the cartoon to ring with it perfectly.

Functional part of the website includes the following categories of the Promo^ Rules, Promo Products, Prizes, Winner, Video, Ask (feedback form, hotline phone number). In each category the participant can get the answers to the questions and additional information.

We and the client were really pleases with the results attained, and what was the most important the small winners (kids) had the most vivid and bright memories of the promo.

Technologies , Methodologies and Tools
Development Methodologies
The cascade (waterfall) model
Vector Graphics
Raster Graphics
Web design
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Code Versions Control
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Load testing
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Analytics , Reporting and Auditing
Google Analytics
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Marina Kolomoets
Head of Customer Service, the advertising agency Intouch
Miritec is our long-standing and reliable partner. There are more than 8 projects for the promotion of our joint partners at our account. Miritec specialists know how to find an approach to the customer and to implement all of his «fantasies». Starting with the first project we are working well together. The guys from Miritec always do everything possible and impossible, so that every project was started on time and met quality demands. We do not even think about the complexity, reading a regular task to develop the project. Miritec always dots the «i» and provides the best solution for you. We believe in the team of these great people and hope to continue reaching new heights together.
Yulia Volkova
Manager of Customer Service, the advertising agency Intouch
We express our sincere gratitude to the team of Miritec for the development and support of promotional sites for us and our partners. During our cooperation we appreciated the quality of your work, the speed of tasks execution, creativity, flexibility and the ability to make the impossible things possible. We believe that we have found a reliable partner to implement brightest and successful projects in the future with!

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