Releasing date
Aug 2013
Focus area
Digital Marketing
Web-site address


Ferrero SpA launched a new campaign to promote chocolate and hazelnut spread Nutella. The high importance was in creating eye-catching and attention-attracting website, to integrate it with social networks, to provide a whole complex of marketing activities with TV.

Target audience:

The core the target audience were young people and families with kids.
  • sex: male/female;
  • education: higher;
  • social status: middle class
    (highly skilled worker, middle range managers, small business entrepreneurs);
  • planned loyalty level to the brand: 30—70%.


  • Gift level 1: certificate for a trip in the amount of 40 000 UAH – 4pcs.
  • Gift level 2: certificate in the amount of 1500 UAH for visiting the restaurant in the winner region – 144 pcs.
  • Gift level 3: the invitation to cooking master-class to one of the restaurant in the region of the winner – 960 pcs.
  • Additional prizes – the invitation to the web-studio of the STB channel for shooting in the TV-show "Everything is gonna be fine".

Promo mechanics:

We suggested the client 3 variants of the promo mechanics then we jointly chose the variant that would be the most interesting for the target audience. The user could share the photos by registering through website or by authorizing using social networks. He photos were shared in the following categories: «Tasty»: signature dish with Nutella; «Quick»: signature quick breakfast or snack with Nutella; «Together» : breakfast and snack with family or friends.

For easy access through social networks, we developed special app and integrated it with official promo website. To win the prize the promo participant had to gather the most like on Facebook and Vkontakte.

One of the key tasks was to make promo mechanics and prize drawing process transparent excluding any manipulations and fraud. For this reason we monitored any odd activities connected with likes and disqualified these participants. Out SMM-managers moderated and sorted the photos received and helped to moderate negative feedback, maintaining the company reputation.


We developed and launched cross-media project, which meant that the promo was held throughout social media and included integration with official promo-website, a whole complex of marketing activities online and communication with TV. Following the latest marketing trends we promoted the promo offline and created promo-activity which influenced people in real, at the same time we shared own achievements online.


During full 4 month of the promo the following results were achieved:
  1. a base of loyal clients for e-mail marketing was formed.
  2. the website attracted new unique users :
  • 166 000 users
  • 127 000 unique users
  1. Increased the amount of visitors and visit depth:
  • 500 000 page
  • 2 mins— average website visit

At that more that 60% of the user returned to the page. Thus, we reached the key target of the promo in attracting the audience and increasing the engagement of people in the promo.

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