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May 2014
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Everybody who chooses to create their e-commerce store using Open
Mall constructor has two variants:
1) To service clients using inner resources
2) To service client using Open Mall agents

In both cases the user has a ready to use, functional e-commerce store. E-commerce store management panel includes all the functional features for customization of the store and has the following categories: Main, Settings, Store.

Store category is the main one and includes the following elements of the online portal meant to sell:

  • Orders
  • Packages
  • Clients
  • Stores
  • Addresses
  • Modules
  • Suppliers
  • Categories
  • Pages

All of these elements help to begin the client work and help to get the profit.

- Order section gives the following opportunities: To see the orders, filter them by status (paid, not paid, warehouse). To conduct search by order number and find the following info: order number, total price, client login order status, order date. Upon clicking the order number you get more info on the order (the list of ordered goods, photos and links to them on the agent site, link to goods on Ebay, goods status).The agent can choose the status of the goods from paid, to warehouse and impossible to deliver.
The Packages section help to see all the packages created, filter the packages by status (packaging, packaged, sent) conduct search by package number.

- The Categories section allows for editing the info on display on the website (change the order, hide and rename the category).

- The Clients section displays all the user registered on the website. Upon clicking on the user/client you can see all the info about him -profile data, including delivery profile field (here you can change delivery profile info)
-account balance
- client orders
- client packages
Also there is a special Content menu which allows to create new pages in the e-commerce store – for example FAQ, Payment and Shipment, Promos and so on.

To create one common suppliers database we integrat ed Ebay and Amazon API keys and each store owner has the ca pability to create his own suppliers database and add new selling platforms.

The system allows for connecting to any payment system. At the moment the payment system is use is Interkassa (one of the biggest). Each online shop or store includes delivery module with price calculation and delivery calculation system project was launched and is now in work for the first ten users You should try it too and create your own personal e-store. project was launched and is now in work for the first ten users You should try it too and create your own personal e-store.
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thousands of orders are processed in the online stores developed by Miritec