Releasing date
Dec 2013
Focus area
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We're constantly working on creating a service to implement e-commerce product catalogs based on the worlds leading trading platforms like Tao Bao, Ebay and Amazon.

Our tasks:

  • To develop a goods showcase;
  • To integrate the showcase with API of all trading platforms;
  • To develop a "box" online shop for agents;
  • To develop a centralized system of processing of pass keys and agent orders;
  • To implement the possibility to disconnect and connect separate API for each agent;
  • To implement the ability to install showcases on the already existing agent’s site;
  • To develop a service management system and establish a process of interaction with each online store.

What we have already implemented:

  • A “Box” version of the "online store";
  • The goods showcase is 70 % ready;
  • The order processing system for the user;
  • Implemented Ebay trading platform connection and prepared the basement for easy connection of other platforms;

At this stage the service β version is ready and after final testing may start running.

To achieve these goals, we have applied such individual solutions:

  • We have implemented modular architecture of code for a subsidiary online shops. This will provide both the turnkey website and carrying out integration of individual service modules with existing sites of the service customer;
  • We have used a basic embedded database to work with small and large dynamic amounts of data. We have also used the embedded cash database, which significantly speeded up the work with the API vendors;
  • We have introduced queues system to achieve rapid and periodical data update using different sales platforms. This allowed to perform the processes of obtaining data in parallel and in unlimited quantities;
  • To maximum complicate the process of counterfeiting authorization key of “subsidiaries” sites, they are generated on the basis of a referral site and are strictly comparable.

Benefits for the Service Customer:

  • A turnkey online store with minimum investments. You can work with one as well as with all online showcases catalogs. Each showcase is being automatically updated through interaction with API of corresponding trading sites;
  • Centralized order processing and logistics. Ability to follow the changes of order status by shipment and delivery dates in their shop management system. Each online store interacts with the system of centralized service management;
  • Consumer’s and Agent’s personal accounts. Each client keeps a record of the current earnings and agency fees, while consumers are able to track their purchases status.

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employees work in Miritec. We are developing actively, and our staff`s quantity doubles each year