Releasing date
Feb 2014
Focus area
Digital Marketing
Web-site address


To fully develop the new Kinder Surprise products promo activity launched by our partner Ferrero SpA . The new promo targeted at the young participants prepared a large amount of prizes, the main one being the bike.
We, as technical contractor, provided full technical support and were responsible for smooth development of website and participants’ notification system.

Key project tasks:
Promo mechanics:
To participate in the promo one had to send 8 wrappers from promo product by Kinder to the address of the brand specified on the website. The participants received one of the guaranteed prizes.
Besides interesting and attention attracting website we also developed highly functional CMS (content management system). The system conducted full records of wrappers received, synchronized with the warehouse database and displayed the prizes status.
Thus, the participants could call the hotline and specify the info on the awaited prize status.
Also, if the package with the prizes was delivered, but was yet to be received, the operators called the winners to remind them to receive the prizes.
The website is connected to popular social networks:
Vkontanke, Odnoklassniki, Facebook.

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