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May 2014
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Digital Marketing
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The long-awaited event for all football fans the FIFA World Cup 2014 took place and Coca-Cola Company being the official sponsor of FIFA™ from 1978 knew for a fact how to please the fans. To that, the new promo Coca-Cola FIFA 2014 was held on a huge scale. For 2 months EVERYDAY 2014 the prizes were given away.
Miritec as technical partner of the promo had to develop a reliable system for successful promo launch online: website development, creation of well-thought through code registration mechanism, prize give-away and winners’ notification system. Also, we fully supported the promo in social networks, conducted a bunch of SMM and reputation management activities.

Target audience

Young people age 25-35 (the core of the target audience) with average/above-average income, residents of big cities with population of 500 000 and above, leading active lifestyle, into sports, loving football.

Promo mechanics

To participate in the promo one had to register a unique code found under the cap of Coca-Cola, Fanta Orange or Sprite (0.5/1.5/2 liters with special labels and caps with inscriptions “Code under the cap”). Code registration was done using SMS or a special form on the website.


The prize drawing was conducted daily, 2014 prizes every day:


As always one could find all the info needed on the official website in special category – Rules, Registration/Log in, How to win a prize, and the most interesting category for the participants – Winners.
Football is a team game, for this reason we made a stress on socialization and maximum engagement of the audience. And we also took care of making the website management functional and user-friendly.

Functional part

The administrative part was fully our creation and without any exaggeration we have huge pride in that creation. The admin part includes full history on codes and participants. Knowing the code one can just enter the code in the search area and see the time the prize was won, name of the winner, delivery status. Also there is a function of creating report and statistics which allows to timely get the data on promo results. The admin part had 3 level access: administrative, call-center employee, warehouse employee. Each of them had access to the information limited by responsibility area. Delivery system is worth special attention. The warehouse employee had the capability to see all the applications, place the status, monitor the packages. Thanks integration with UkrPochta all the packages have the unique codes and are connected to tracking system. Each user and hotline operator can track the package delivery status on-the-fly. The give-away mechanism is thought-through to the smallest details. System allows for adaptation of the system to give-away frequency, create restrictions in order to exclude any fraud with promo results. Codes under the cap consist of 10 case-sensitive symbols (numbers and letters). Thus the guessability by bruteforce is 1 to 1 000000 which is practically impossible.

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