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May 2014
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Digital Marketing
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Idea and pre-story:

FANTA YOUTH FESTIVAL is the biggest and the longest festival in Turkey, which bring music and fun in the life of Turkish teen for 12 whole years straight.

FANTA YOUTH FESTIVAL was held in Azerbaijan for the first time in 2013 and turned out to be a huge success.

In 2013 FANTA YOUTH FESTIVAL for the first time took place in Azerbaijan and was an instant success. Initially it was planned for event to have 20 thousand participants; however the numbers far exceeded it and turned to be more than 30 thousand participants!

n 2014 the festival FANTA YOUTH FESTIVAL in Azerbaijan, without a doubt, had to be really grand and large-scale event - «JOIN THE BIGGEST FUN OF THE YEAR».

Target audience: teens 13-19 years old, as well as their parents; the Azerbaijan, predominantly form the capital (Baku).

Event goal: 50 thousand teens

Engagement channel: Outside advertisement, media (TV, radio), customer draw-in shops, DIGITAL/SMM campaigns and online contests.

Normally teens don’t just like to listen to music, but to sing along and dance along. And everyone deep down wants to be a real celeb. FANTA YOUTH FESTIVAL gives the opportunity for the young participants to be on stage like a real celebrity.

“It’s your lucky day – if you dance and sing like Roya, Timati or Kolpa, cause Fanta gives you the opportunity to be a celeb!”

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