Releasing date
Aug 2015
Focus area
Digital Marketing
Web-site address

The promotion website was to conduct content distribution based on geography. It embraced audience from 5 countries, and the content thus should have been optimized for its viewers. Simultaneously, the promotion website was to be a high load one to meet the scales of a multinational promotional campaign.

Information sharing and communication with singers were conceived as primary functions of the promotion website. For this reason, a user-friendly interface was the other crucial requirement.

  • development of the promo website and its implementation with AWS;
  • integration with social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube);
  • content maintenance and optimization for 5 countries;
  • development of tools to directly communicate with participants (putting questions, social newsfeed subscription);
  • enabling video streaming via user interface;
  • development of voting tools and results reposting in social media (Facebook, Twitter).
Coke Studio promo achieved an incredible popularity in Nigeria, whereas users eagerly vote and share TV show updates and voting results in social networks. They make 60% of the Coke Studio viewing audience.

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