Releasing date
Jul 2015
Focus area
Digital Marketing
Web-site address

Successful launch of the promo required development of a multifunctional platform. It was to enable streaming videos with celebrities’ success stories and the Gallery, user-friendly tools to design memes, post them in social networks and send birthday greetings to friends.

High load was one of the crucial requirements to the platform due its geographical coverage.

  • platform development and its implementation with AWS;
  • meme generation and its automatic posting on Facebook;
  • functionality to watch videos and view Gallery;
  • tools to create birthday greetings by entering addressee’s email;
  • integration with social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter);
  • multilingual support for different countries (English, Portuguese, Swahili);
  • content grabbing by hashtag and its display on the platform given the language.
The promotion is still ongoing, but the success of its idea has been evident since the first days. More than 60% of participants are young people aged to 35 years, who actively create personalized memes, birthday greetings and posts with promo hashtag. The biggest engagement is observed in Nigeria, Mozambique and Kenya.

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