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Aug 2014
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The way it used to be
There are more than 700 outlets in Ukraine that signed a contract on selling Ferrero products. Every store has undertaken product placement obligations. In addition, staff in sales areas started to work better, as they were checked regularly.

The role of an Auditor in such kind of a workflow is the most important. It is a person who is good at rules and regulations and able to outline their realization clearly.

However, these reports required nearly a half of the Auditor’s working hours. Tons of documents necessary for analysis influenced on accuracy of the final report and made the inspection more complex. Additionally, extra efforts were needed to search and onboard a new Auditor, as his role in the store’s workflow was practically irreplaceable.

The solution was found in an implementation of an Audit Automation System for outlets.

How it works:

The Admin sets rules for every sales point and passes them to the Supervisor. The Supervisor delegates them further to Auditors as tasks in compliance with the rules for their outlets. The Auditor uses a mobile application of the system and his task is just to fill in one clearly-constructed Audit Form: share on the shelf, stock, planogram, etc.

It became possible for a NEW Auditor to get down to work after 2-hour briefing. From now on every Auditor can inspect more than three sales points per day and without any need to create huge Excel reports.

Audit Automation also resulted in truly revolutionary report form processing. The entire system is carried out by 1 Admin and 1 Supervisor. The inspection results are immediately available by any criteria: Outlet/Retailer/City/Product type. The report is generated less than in a second. At the same time, Auditors’ inspection data (completed forms) and reports are saved in the system that allows analyzing the history of working with the sales network or a certain outlet.

Audit Automation System advantages:

  • Mobility;
  • Data accuracy;
  • Flexible data management;
  • Quick and automatic reports generation;
  • Archiving of Audit forms and reports;
  • Ease of use.

System operates with:

More than
More than
More than
auditors across Ukraine
More than
unique Audit Form questions
The System can grow and be expanded while new shops , chains, auditors and questions are added.
System features

One more advantage of the System is the simplicity of visual perception of the output reports, as report infractions are marked with a certain color (e.g. the red one indicates of the product absence on a sales point, and yellow – of the report rules violations, etc.) Elements of gamification turn routine processes into an intriguing game.
While we are lucky to live in the era of automation and robotics, let’s make use of its benefits!

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