Official website - is one of the biggest national online platforms selling home appliances. In 2013 came in TOP15 electronics online-retailers.

The e-commerce store specializes in selling major and minor household appliances , audio and video devices. SKIDKA.UA sells only certified products by lowest prices with delivery in Kiev and all over Ukraine.
Each category has a filter by parameters which made buying and ordering any home appliances in Kiev in the new store SKIDKA super easy . The store provides a wide range of TV-sets and other audio and video appliances from of the official manufacturer was perfectly presented on the website due to the new website design. That is why ordering and buying a TV-set became much a much more pleasing experience. The images on the website allow seeing the appliances from all the angles; one can see the best of LCD, LED, 3D LED and other TV-devices and electronics. A full description of all the advantages of new widescreen TVs is a huge temptation for everyone.

From 2013 SKIDKA took active steps to evolve the store by selling new product groups: household detergents, good for kids, automobile good and other products. The main office of the store is based in Kiev.

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