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The USSR government made a decision to create a beer which would be up to European standard by the Olympics 1980. Czech experts were invited to help create the beer of the highest quality. They defined the place to build the new beer factory. The criteria for building the factory was the close position to artesian water sources. The Obolon area in Kiev new river Dnieper turned out to be a perfect place. The word “obolon” takes its roots back to Kiev Russia meaning the riverine meadows.
The new beer factory took was named after the area and was built according to Chech project and soon started to produce the beer which took people by storm and stays on top.

When Ukraine got back its independence Obolon became the first Ukrainian beer company to start the export to Europe and US. Nowadays Obolon is one the biggest beer exporters taking 80% of all the Ukrainian beer export and exporting beer to 40 countries all over the world.

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