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The company «NEWS Travel» was founded in 2005. Initially the tour operator «NEWS Travel» has worked exclusively with Tunisia and Cyprus directions. Later the map of available destinations has been expanded. The company made a bid for the reliability and stability of the tour market. This approach allowed the tour operator to take the top positions in the tour industry of Ukraine.

Up to now the list of «NEWS Travel» includes 18 most popular countries that are ready to ensure comfortable service for Ukrainian tourists. The rapid development and growing popularity of the tour operator «NEWS Travel» has allowed the company to expand its influence and deal with the best hotels and airlines. In 2012 the number of «NEWS Travel» clients has reached 4,000 people weekly.


Marianne Klyupa
Department of Product and Marketing, Tour Operator NEWS Travel
NEWS Travel thanks Miritec for the successful implementation and launch of a website The project was implemented according to our requirements and wishes. We continue to cooperate with the company Miritec , extending the functionality of the site to make it even more convenient for our customers and partners.
Denis Belyakov
Analysis Department, tour operator NEWS Travel
NEWS Travel Tour operator company thanks Miritec for the successful implementation of the software [Travel System e-mail marketing] for our company. This product has opened a lot of features in e -mail marketing, but most importantly, it allowed us to quickly inform their agents about our prices and products in various fields. Work on the project was carried out in a professional manner and in the shortest possible time.

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