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The MTV story started many years ago in US when the broadcasted began with words «Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll». At first the new channel was available only for New-Jersey residents. Since then a lot have changed and MTV is broadcasted all over the world.

Initially MTV viewing-grid was day and night music videos rotation, the number of which increased all the time. In some time the channel launched music TV-shows like «120 Minutes», «Yo! Raps», Coca-Cola Report, Most Wanted, Greatest Hits, The Soul. In 1993 the channel started to broadcast animation series Beavis and Butt-head.

By the end of 90s the channel changed the concept and the broadcast time was taken over by a whole lot of new TV-shows and series and so in. The music video at the same time got off MTV and to specially created channels like VH1, MTV2, MTV Jams, MTV Music.

Nowadays MTV is one the most well known and loved channel among teens and youngsters.

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