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" Gal Cruise " is a safe haven in the vast travel offers ocean. The company offers its customers exciting journeys, full of culture, history , adventures, romance and mysteries.

The main activities are organization of rest in 3-5 stars hotels around the world , business trips, children's holiday , exclusive travels, private tours, recreational tours, cruises, sports tours , excursions in Ukraine , entertainment in Lviv , guides service , rental cars and green tourism.


Yuriy Kurilyak
manager, tour operator Gal- Kruїz
We express our gratitude for our cooperation with Miritec in our site designing. After well done job a two-level menu was created, agencies log-ins, as well as site editor, which will enable us, our customers and travel agents to quickly find the information that is needed. The site has become more functional and easier to use. High professionalism and speed of Miritec staff gives us the reason to recommend this company to everyone who wants to create or give new life to their sites.

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