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In 2011, the company launched an online store. AudioMaster customers were able to make orders faster and more convenient , arrange delivery and consult a specialist.

The complex of various car audio equipment , detectors , radar , GPS navigation devices, security systems - it's not all that possible to buy from the online store . The friendly team of enthusiasts of the business will help you choose high-quality equipment , install it , and give practical advice on care and maintenance.

The main rule of the staff : " Dear customer, as yourself ."


Marina Kolomoets
Head of Customer Service, the advertising agency Intouch
Miritec is our long-standing and reliable partner. There are more than 8 projects for the promotion of our joint partners at our account. Miritec specialists know how to find an approach to the customer and to implement all of his «fantasies». Starting with the first project we are working well together. The guys from Miritec always do everything possible and impossible, so that every project was started on time and met quality demands. We do not even think about the complexity, reading a regular task to develop the project. Miritec always dots the «i» and provides the best solution for you. We believe in the team of these great people and hope to continue reaching new heights together.
Dmitry Afanasyev
Managing Partner,
Starting on the first day of our cooperation we felt teamwork and received not only the performance of the tasks we have set but also advice , consultation, joint search for the best solutions to issues far beyond the scope of our contract . We worked a lot and closely. Miritec is a team of professionals. Thanks to Miritec company for active participation and significant contribution to the initial establishment of the project
Sergei Nenya
General Manager, E -COM
We have collaborated with Miritec since 2008 over a set of lines. During that time, a complex of jobs has been done on the automation of the business processes in our company. The list of jobs included the creation and implementation of hardware and software services EDI, administration and maintenance of servers , the development of the corporate website , CRM and Helpdesk systems , call- center , IT consulting . We are satisfied with the quality of work performed by Miritec as well as high level of professionalism of the company, and we continue to fruitfully cooperate.
Sergei Simonov
deputy director, company AudioMaster
The company is the only positive emotions! The guys are working professionally and quickly. Even if some flaws happened, then they are eliminated immediately. Despite the great distance that separates our company, our cooperation goes by without any difficulties and misunderstandings. Good luck and prosperity and growth you Miritec team!
Victor Yukhimenko
Project Coordinator,
Together with Miritec we have created and developed the site of direct offers from hotels The project is very complicated, complex, aimed at serious scale. Thanks to highly qualified Miritec specialists we were able to successfully meet these challenges and achieve our goals. Work on the project of such complexity is not easy. What I want to point out further: this is the willingness of management to seek solutions to any problems occurring , starting with the technically challenging ideas and ending with the organizational complexities. Our cooperation has brought good results and I will be glad to collaborate with Miritec in the future.
Yuriy Kurilyak
manager, tour operator Gal- Kruїz
We express our gratitude for our cooperation with Miritec in our site designing. After well done job a two-level menu was created, agencies log-ins, as well as site editor, which will enable us, our customers and travel agents to quickly find the information that is needed. The site has become more functional and easier to use. High professionalism and speed of Miritec staff gives us the reason to recommend this company to everyone who wants to create or give new life to their sites.

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