Gennadiy Denisenko
head of advertising department, Rimini
We have been cooperating with Miritec since 2012. As far as our old site had become morally and functionally obsolete, we needed a more functional and modern web -based resource for fast replacement and organizing information. To implement a new web resource we were advised to contact Miritec company. The team experience and skills completely met our requirements . A new project took a little more time than originally planned . But in general, we were satisfied with the work of the contractor. We keep on our collaboration with Miritec team. Like in any business, some difficulties appear in the flow of work. But «Miritec» company is always ready to cooperate, respond quickly to inquiries and offer several options to solve problems. I wish success and new achievements to «Miritec» team!
Taras Kozachuk
Technical Director, Cosmonova
Together with Miritec we have developed a number of projects in the field of online video broadcasting. These projects imply peak loads, a large number of users online, the rapid introduction of new functions required «on the wing». Working with Miritec team, we got the timely launch and quality advice in the search of technical solutions.
Diana Ivanykina
Brand Manager, Diana Kiev
We have a long-standing and fruitful cooperation with Miritec. The team is very professional and quickly developed «from scratch» our project and up to now it continues to successfully develop and maintain it. Our new «features» development and implementation requests very quickly become a new functionality. We are grateful to Miritec guys for creativity and patience! Thank you!
Maxim Karanda
The head of the company, KViM Travel Group Co Ltd
We are a versatile tour operator so we wanted an information-rich site. In order to display all the content we needed a complex, divided into modules, but easy to manage admin panel. Specially for us an autonomous system of online tours booking and travel agencies authorization as well as a distributed system of access rights for employees were implemented. We thank Miritec for meeting our needs and implementing everything we wished. Everyone who needs a good tour site, I recommend to contact these guys. Keep it up!
Olga Marikutsa
Marketing Manager, Diana Lux Logistics
We have been cooperating with the company «Miritec» for over 2 years. During our collaboration, «Miritec» team proved to be a reliable and responsible executor. All tasks are performed on time and according to the planned budgets. Thank you for good job. We are looking forward to further cooperation!
Marina Kolomoets
Head of Customer Service, the advertising agency Intouch
Miritec is our long-standing and reliable partner. There are more than 8 projects for the promotion of our joint partners at our account. Miritec specialists know how to find an approach to the customer and to implement all of his «fantasies». Starting with the first project we are working well together. The guys from Miritec always do everything possible and impossible, so that every project was started on time and met quality demands. We do not even think about the complexity, reading a regular task to develop the project. Miritec always dots the «i» and provides the best solution for you. We believe in the team of these great people and hope to continue reaching new heights together.
Dmitry Afanasyev
Managing Partner, Go2.ua
Starting on the first day of our cooperation we felt teamwork and received not only the performance of the tasks we have set but also advice , consultation, joint search for the best solutions to issues far beyond the scope of our contract . We worked a lot and closely. Miritec is a team of professionals. Thanks to Miritec company for active participation and significant contribution to the initial establishment of the project go2.ua.
Sergei Nenya
General Manager, E -COM
We have collaborated with Miritec since 2008 over a set of lines. During that time, a complex of jobs has been done on the automation of the business processes in our company. The list of jobs included the creation and implementation of hardware and software services EDI, administration and maintenance of servers , the development of the corporate website , CRM and Helpdesk systems , call- center , IT consulting . We are satisfied with the quality of work performed by Miritec as well as high level of professionalism of the company, and we continue to fruitfully cooperate.
Alexander Timchenko
Head of Marketing Department, Tour operator «Orbita»
«Miritec» displayed their best skills in the design of our web site. During our work with IT developers , even before the signing of the contract , the project was developed in prototype , greatly simplifying the understanding and vision for the future development . A large amount of what we had planned seemed impossible, but the professionalism of the technicians has exceeded all our expectations. All the work was done on a very high level and our website looks and operates exactly as we planned! We hope for further fruitful cooperation! We recommend «Miritec» as a reliable partner , a good team , and what is the most important for its RESULTS !
Sergei Simonov
deputy director, company AudioMaster
The company is the only positive emotions! The guys are working professionally and quickly. Even if some flaws happened, then they are eliminated immediately. Despite the great distance that separates our company, our cooperation goes by without any difficulties and misunderstandings. Good luck and prosperity and growth you Miritec team!
Andrew Buligin
President, Tokyo Lion House, LLC
Special thanks to Miritec for quality work done. We were working «on Skype» (Kiev - Tokyo) , but the distance was not a barrier , and despite the lack of opportunity to meet , all assignments are completed on time and at a high level. We hope for further fruitful cooperation. I found Miritec company on the Internet; my attention was attracted by the quality of work performed. I advise everyone Miritec as a high class company – developer. It was a great pleasure to work with them, I add +1!
Julia Martynuk
director, travel agency «Turputevka»
We would like to thank Miritec company for interesting design, convenient content management system and professional advice provided in the process of developing a website. We are pleased with the results of work performed, Miritec developed our site, just as promised, and they managed to meet deadlines and budget as well. We were pleased to collaborate with the team of professionals!
Marianne Klyupa
Department of Product and Marketing, Tour Operator NEWS Travel
NEWS Travel thanks Miritec for the successful implementation and launch of a website www.newstravel.com.ua. The project was implemented according to our requirements and wishes. We continue to cooperate with the company Miritec , extending the functionality of the site to make it even more convenient for our customers and partners.
Yulia Volkova
Manager of Customer Service, the advertising agency Intouch
We express our sincere gratitude to the team of Miritec for the development and support of promotional sites for us and our partners. During our cooperation we appreciated the quality of your work, the speed of tasks execution, creativity, flexibility and the ability to make the impossible things possible. We believe that we have found a reliable partner to implement brightest and successful projects in the future with!
Victor Yukhimenko
Project Coordinator, Go2.ua
Together with Miritec we have created and developed the site of direct offers from hotels GO2.ua. The project is very complicated, complex, aimed at serious scale. Thanks to highly qualified Miritec specialists we were able to successfully meet these challenges and achieve our goals. Work on the project of such complexity is not easy. What I want to point out further: this is the willingness of management to seek solutions to any problems occurring , starting with the technically challenging ideas and ending with the organizational complexities. Our cooperation has brought good results and I will be glad to collaborate with Miritec in the future.
Yuriy Kurilyak
manager, tour operator Gal- Kruїz
We express our gratitude for our cooperation with Miritec in our site designing. After well done job a two-level menu was created, agencies log-ins, as well as site editor, which will enable us, our customers and travel agents to quickly find the information that is needed. The site has become more functional and easier to use. High professionalism and speed of Miritec staff gives us the reason to recommend this company to everyone who wants to create or give new life to their sites.
Vadim Tapal
Web promoter, MediaPraysTsentr
Thanks to the team of Miritec professionals who successfully executed a project on creating online catalog price lines. All work was done with high professional quality and on time.
Denis Belyakov
Analysis Department, tour operator NEWS Travel
NEWS Travel Tour operator company thanks Miritec for the successful implementation of the software [Travel System e-mail marketing] for our company. This product has opened a lot of features in e -mail marketing, but most importantly, it allowed us to quickly inform their agents about our prices and products in various fields. Work on the project was carried out in a professional manner and in the shortest possible time.
Yuri Bondarev
Deputy Director, Network stores Last-minute Tours
Chain Store Last-minute Tours thanks company Miritec for the fruitful cooperation, which has resulted in a new, convenient Call-centre service center. Promptness, professionalism, trapping the customers wishes at a glance that is far not a full list of reasons we enjoyed about the work.
Vadim Nazarchuk
Head of IT- department, tour operator JoinUP!
We thank the company Miritec for providing mailing service and support, all the work was done in a professional manner and in the shortest possible time. Today our partners quickly get the latest offers. If necessary, Miritec employees promptly get in touch and consult in any particular issue.
Maria Melashchenko
Deputy Director, Travel Agency Joy Quest
Thank you? Thank you very much? Thank you so much? No, one word wouldn’t be enough, brevity is the soul of wit, but here it is completely useless. It is difficult to describe the overwhelming sense of gratitude and admiration for the Miritec team! Each year I was trying to invent some new templates and a universal plate to account tourists and applications, but each time it turned out to be not perfect, too much valuable time was wasted on manual inscribing duplicate data, and I can’t even remember the amounts of paper spoiled. Fortunately, all these sufferings are over. Now there is a unique service called Turmate! Data security, convenience, easy to use, accessibility - what else could you asks for?

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