Miritec is above all things a united team of open-minded professionals who love what they do.

Our Mission

Empowering brands worldwide, giving the opportunity to communicate with consumers every day.

We Care

Always to be simple, true and honest

  • Miritec developments and ideas help streamline and automate any business process. All our solutions are simple and easy to use. To be natural and easy all over is our life position.

To create a family atmosphere in the team

  • All our staff members share the company values. Only those who are willing to help and support their colleagues as their own family are working in the company. We appreciate the relationships in the team, protect and support them. Our staff is our second family; together we are going through all the joys and failures.

We are always proactive and result-oriented

  • The best experts in their field are working at every project in our company. Every design process undergoes continuous quality control. All Miritec projects are creative solutions of the team of programmers, aimed at high-quality and innovative result.

Strive to be the best in the business

  • The success of the company depends on the summarized employee’s success. Success is the character trait. A man gets accustomed to be successful each time setting high personal levels in every new case. We are happy to collaborate with successful people

To be innovative and different in our decisions

  • Our favorite task is creating astonishing, having no analogues solutions. We do not use other people's templates; each of our solutions is an innovation.

To develop and improve

  • We welcome the initiative to improve our company. All initiatives of employees are carefully selected. We encourage our employees to develop and implement new knowledge in their work. We are working on a rapidly changing market and must keep pace with it.

To be optimistic and enjoy life

  • Active position in life is very important for us. Therefore, our team is bright people that are able to draw conclusions from the mistakes that never give up and enjoy every working day. There is no room for pessimism and mediocrity in our team. Together we are doing a very important and necessary job, we are creating future.

Our Advantages

Why are we worth to be chosen? Because we know how to build teamwork.

Our Employment Relationship

  • timely payroll payment
  • official employment
  • flexible schedule
  • 100% of paid sick leaves
  • days off according to the ukrainian labour code
  • paid leaves
  • Each programmer is an employee of the IT Department of our company. All our employees are working only for our company, none of them is working on temporary contracts
  • We offer a competitive salary and expect highly qualified professionals

Work Place

  • comfortable rooms with air conditioning
  • tea, coffee, snickers candy bars
  • English courses
  • relaxation area (the place where you can socialize, rest, play, read interesting books)

Work style

  • flexible method of project management
  • experience and skills exchange clubs
  • teamwork and apprehensive boss
  • birthday and holidays gifts to employees
  • corporate parties, cooperative activities
  • Medical insurance for employees
  • Vertical management style, which can rapidly solve any of your questions

Our Team

We are IT pros, creative personalities, we do not work under pressure and enjoy flexible hours. Each of us is planning their schedules according to the tasks and loads.

Team spirit and a friendly atmosphere is maintained even at the meetings passing generally in the form of «brainstorming. "And in the evenings, when the brain can “go out storm”, you can play poker, mafia or just watch a film in the relaxation room.

In general, our job is a great opportunity to fulfill your potential and discover life.

In our team we welcome good professionals who are interested in constant self improving and are always ready to pass on their knowledge. Today there are more than 30 IT experts and qualified professionals in our company.

Miritec in figures

more than

million of documents sent in eDocs interchange were developed in Miritec