Electronic mailing is a kind of electronic exchange In tourism being a conductor between the operator and the agent. This kind of marketing for the majority of travel agents is the most convenient way to get the latest offers.
E-mail- marketing can be much more effective if you treat it creatively

The company "Miritec " has already gained leadership in the field of professional travel mailing. One of the well known projects of the company in travel industry is "Mailing tour operator QUALITY». Nikolai Goncharov, the director, speaks on the specifics and the technologies of work.

  - Nicholai, what marketing tool do you think is the most effective in professional tourism environment?

   - We have conducted market research and concluded that the most effective tool for marketing and sales in tourism is still the e-mail- marketing. Travel Mailings help travel agents quickly ensure communication with both existing and potential agents . Mailing is not only the " product showcase ". It can be bright and colorful, it can inform of promotions , bonuses , discounts . You can report the company news, congratulate many partners - in a word , you can communicate

with your audience almost online .
  One moreImportant factor - the mailings became affordable. They can be ordered in any amount , depending on the business need.

   - So, you have brought to market a new mailing project. What prompted you to its creation, because there are such companies in Ukraine?

   - Indeed, there are many companies engaged in providing these services in the market. But in this area outdated technology and practices reign nowadays. Very often the recipients of mailings complain of distorted picture of the layout, this speaks of mailers incompatibility.

   We set out to make better and more interesting distribution, create bright colorful layouts according to the rules of advertising art, to ensure their delivery to the target audience that is travel agencies.

   - What is unique about your service?

   - First of all, our designers create high-quality layouts. They do this with a specific display in all email programs that are configured to receive the full information.

At the same time, we do not limit the creative impulses of our customers, allowing taking advantage of our unique system for creating layouts online.
   I also want to note that the customer is able to control the process of creating layouts before mailing them by scheduling the exact time and date of mailing. So the customer can form a timetable for his proposals withdrawal for any period of time.

   The technological process is implemented by a cluster of dozens of servers, as well as specially developed software that provide rapid information delivery from the operators to the agents.

  Thanks to careful quality control of each stage of the work we significantly raise the effectiveness and efficiency of mailing. For our customers, this means an increase in sales.

   - What are the "chips" designed for those who receive your mailings?

   - Universal subscription management system allows recipients to choose the offers they want to receive.

  On the basis of our project Tour Operators Club was established. PPS Club members have the additional bonus commission. It is obvious that such mailings cannot be overlooked.

  But in general, the agency signing up for our mailings gains access to a huge database of special offers from the leading tour operators in the country.

   - What innovations can we expect from you in the future?

   - We are finishing the development of another innovative project in tour business. With confidence I can say that the interaction we provide between participants of tourism market will become more comfortable and productive.

Tatiana Skulskaya , advertising manager of " Mist Tour" travel company (Lviv )

   - Working with Quality we like the ability to create layouts ourselves, manage the mailings release schedule. Quality experts working on the development of the product, improve interface, quickly react to the customers’ offers. A flexible pricing system is very important that can suit any tour operator.

Michael Melnychuk director of FirstClass Travel company ( Kiev):

   - Our company cooperates with Quality that is a reliable partner, keen on tourist marketing. We like the style of our «mailers» - quick, efficient and creative. Especially we want to thank Elena Milusha for genuine interest and understanding of our common cause.

Maystrenko Alexander director of Viator Travel Service ( Kiev):

   - Our young company has tried several different mailing options, but we stopped on collaboration with Quality. We gained plenty of reliable partners among travel companies in all regions of Ukraine. Speed , respect to the customer, quality and reliability of service - that is exactly what we need.

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