You’ d better complicate , so that it was easier in the end rather than simplify so that it wasn’t more difficult in the end.

Veslav Brudzinsky

When yesterday only for the managerial staff of major travel companies saw the need of automation, today it became clear to almost everyone. However, the software is rather expensive and requires acquisition, installation, configuration and support of the equipment , hosting and updates.

" Miritec" company (well known for such projects in tourism as " travel mailing QUALITY» and « Tour Content Management System Turengine») has developed another innovative project in the field of tourism/ it is a software package for managing Turmate travel agency.On the specifics of new approach to automating problem speaks the director , Nikolai Goncharov .

- Nicholai, what are the advantages of your project , how it differs from other systems?

   - The advantage of the Turmate system is primarily in the method of use.
The system is supplied on«Software as a service." The main feature of this approach is that travel agencies do not require any initial investment in the software, the scope of which is limited to only the computers in the office. The system is fully transferred online.

   Turmate is implemented as a web -based application that does not require any installation; you need only Internet and browser. Thanks to our solution a manager can access the system from anywhere in the world that greatly reduces his time spent on the job.

  Updating the system is evolutionary in the subscription service framework. All customers are supported by a single current version of software.

  Another important feature of the system is its traceability. How are sales going, who of the managers is the most active, which tours are the most popular in this season and is your advertising effective? The answers to these questions come quickly. Yes, the duties of directors do not include tours popularity control; it belongs rather to medium- and upper- level managers’ responsibility. But after all the leaders of any rank need from time to time to "land". Very often "off the ground ," you can see a lot of useful and important things in the strategic plan .

  With statistics of the firm, spread out in areas , regions , advertising , payment, managers , we can draw some preliminary estimates and forecasts for the next season , " and any head the firm or a top manager be able to do it.

offers from tour operators ).

   In general, companies that choose our system get an effective mechanism for accounting, control and management of business , lacking which it is impossible to speak not only about the company development of, but even of keeping business at the same level.

  - What innovations can we expect from you in future?

   - In the near future we plan to integrate our system with the tours search and booking systems, air and rail tickets booking, as well as introduce an automatic check applications status. In the near future, we will be able to send SMS mailings to tourists and SMS notifications to tour managers on events in the system. We will also integrate it with 1C accounting system.

   The company's motto is «We will make your tourism business transparent and manageable ". It fully coincides with innovations that "Miritec " brings to life , and the interaction provided between the travel market participants is becoming more productive and comfortable.

Ekaterina Tarasova

head the firm or a top manager be able to do it.

   - Many potential users ask what to do with the data integrity and security in online system?

   - " Miritec” company has developed a set of measures to ensure data security and confidentiality in the system.
   In Turmate web traffic encryption system is implemented the same is used in bank payments via the Internet, where you

is there any news for your potential customers?

   - Firstly, the cost of our product is ten times less than similar developments that require installation of licensed software, maintenance and monitoring. The system is provided as a service and does not require anything except the presence of the Internet and browser.
  Secondly, we have a flexible rate schedule, which allows the customer to choose the most convenient and profitable rate

enter a credit card number. All software is at your own company's servers, authorized persons have access to it, and any developments are carried out on the test versions. All data is backed up daily.

  also want to mention that we enter a contract with the customer , we register full responsibility for information confidentiality and security . We are always working hard to ensure the safety of the system at the highest level.

  As for pricing,

plan. I’d like to note that first 30 days after registration you can use it for free.

   - What additional features are provided to your system users?

   - For further convenience, the system integrates such "utility" as a notebook for personal records with automatic saving t, a work plan which can be quickly and accurately developed in future, travel mailings with no spam (the base is daily updated, and the customer gets hot

Miritec in figures

more than

million of messages are sent by Quality and MailMate customers each month